Amazing Honeymoon Travel Destinations For Adventurous Couples

The tradition of the honeymoon has to be one of humanity’s brightest ideas. This has never been more the case than it is today. Weddings in modern times have become bigger, more expensive, and require more planning than they ever have before. They take months and months of preparation to just iron out all the details. Historically, couples used to leave for their honeymoons either midway through the reception or even right after the ceremony. But today there is so much planning that goes into everything it would seem like a waste not to stick around to visit with everyone and enjoy the whole day.

That is why planning the perfect honeymoon is more important now than it ever was before. Even trying to fit in visiting with everyone at the reception can be stressful, but on the honeymoon it is all about just relaxing and having fun with your new spouse. Here are a few examples of great places to kick off your exciting new life together.

The Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas has recently become the go-to spot to have a great time when you are visiting the city. They offer packages that include airfare, three nights, and even a 24-hour buffet pass for two. The highlight of the hotel has to be its luxurious swimming area. It is located on the sixth floor and overlooks the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are two pools and two spas. Between these pools lies a delightful bar and grille that sits next to a patch of grass covered in pool chairs for guests to relax on.

Las Vegas may have the reputation as a party town, but if you stay at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino you don’t even have to leave the hotel to have a fun and fantastic honeymoon. For those looking for a tropical vacation getaway you can’t go wrong with the sunshine and spectacle of a Sandals Caribbean vacation. The area surrounding the main building is filled with lush manicured gardens that are perfect for a romantic evening stroll.

Further romantic possibilities include the option for breakfast-in-bed room service and an aquatic shuttle that can take you to a private offshore island with a gorgeous pool and beach. This resort has all kinds of activities to keep you occupied including unlimited scuba diving and swim-up bars. Kick off your marriage with a killer tan from a honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean.